The Parisi String Quartet

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Katy (Violin 1)

If you didn’t play your instrument, what would you play?

I attempted the oboe for a while, badly. I loved it though!



What is your best musical experience/memory?

Playing for the Hull Philharmonic Orchestra at Hull City Hall. We were all really nervous playing Sibelius' 5th Symphony, and unsure how it was going to go. However, we played our hearts out and got a standing ovation at the end. I was emotionally moved to tears. (Sad, but true...)

Lesley (Violin 2)

What is good about playing in the Quartet?

Where do I start? We have lots of fun together, meet great people and get to play such a variety of musical styles.



What are you listening to?

Mahler Symphony No.4, Coldplay, Italian Baroque Concertos, Contemporary music for Ireland.

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